The times provided are for those people who wish to use the Lindisfarne Causeway ROAD to access (or return from) Holy island. The times should be treated with caution, as local weather conditions (such as high wind) can change them. Always allow 30 minutes extra time to compensate for these variables.

There is also a marked WALKING ROUTE OVER THE SANDS/MUD, however THESE TIMES DO NOT APPLY TO IT. If you intend to use this route, please do it during daylight hours with someone who has local knowledge and NEVER CROSS DURING A RISING TIDE. You should therefore aim to have completed this walk BEFORE the mid-point of the safe-to-cross time period.

If you are thinking of visiting Holy Island and are looking for a place to stay, or things to do - take a look at the Holy Island section of our Visit Northumberland website.

These times are given in good faith, but Northumberland County Council can accept no responsibility for decisions taken on the basis of any inaccuracies.

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Historic Safe Crossing Times for October 2021

You are trying to view safe crossing times for October 2021. This date in the past. If you want to view this historic data, please click here to see the historic data otherwise, please select a month and year from the links above

These times are given in good faith but Northumberland County Council accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies.

Calculations are based on predictions for Leith supplied by Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Copyright reserved.